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1430 Pettygrove Street, Portland, OR, 97209
(503) 841-6447


See what other people are saying about our Portland apartments! At Pearl Studios Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We appreciate the feedback, good or bad.


Not car friendly, but mostly quiet and felt safe here.

They were so very sweet and accommodating! I am so happy I picked them because they seem to genuinely care about my comfort and happiness. They seriously go above and beyond for you to make sure you will be a happy tenant and will stay that way. I feel if I ever need anything, I won't ever have to hesitate about calling them and having them fix it :)

Good people that work here. love the neighborhood, good place to be.

Great place to start out!

Staff helpful, kindness goes a long way in dealing with them. The mix of residents is peculiar here, and they must deal with a lot of BS, so naturally they have their guard up. A lot of the concerns mentioned in other reviews are valid, some less so, but three major things have not been brought up. Electric bills are extremely high here due to the gigantic refrigerators they supply and make you keep - a tenant is prohibited from buying and using their own. The new building one block south, Oro, has awesome medium-sized ones, and honestly a dorm-sized one would be sufficient in these studios based on the square footage. They cost a fortune to run, as do the inefficient built-in heaters that they went with. Second major concern is that of air quality. Not only is the property right under I-405, its at a busy interchange with Hwy 30 and Everett/Glisan. This building is constructed in such a way that none of the doors are square or seal properly, so even with the doors or windows closed you will be dusting daily and breathing what I would say is the worst quality air in the city. There are infirmed and elderly folk here on disability, and I honestly wonder who advised them that this would be a safe environment for them. The gaps under/around the Juliette doors let in highway soot and the gaps under/around let in whatever stinks in the hallways, and it's always something. Third is the door handles with integrated locks on the door to each studio. They cannot be locked from the outside with a key - you must press a button from inside on your way out. This absolutely guarantees lockouts and they are extremely insecure and easily broken into (Assurant Rental Insurance please make them address this ASAP.) The kitchen sinks and faucets are so tiny they are basically unusable, think RV-bathroom sized. You can wash a coffee cup but not put water in a Brita pitcher or wash a dinner plate. Very frustrating given the waste of space and energy that the previously-mentioned refrigerators are. The property while sort of charming does stink and I would say prepare to do a minimum of laundry here, the machines are filthy. I signed a 6 month lease that somehow became 7 months, I have no idea how but I'm not sweating it. This place is not meant to be permanent. Come in for 6/12/18 months and enjoy it, we need some good energy around here. It is absolutely the least expensive place in the ZIP code, so just be reasonable with your expectations and you'll find it tolerable. I signed for another year here after relinquishing my deposit at Oro - I was ready to move, but decided I won't pay their rates in an area with such toxic air quality.

I don??t understand why all the bad reviews.. yeah there has been a ton of management change, and sometimes it??s hard to find anyone in the office.. That has changed in the last month, I??ve gone down to the office multiple times, and there is always someone to help. Don??t complain about the square footage, you took a tour right?! You knew what you were renting? Why 1 Star a business, when it??s your fault for renting. Rent increase is only like $60 each renewal, that??s cheap compared. The homeless population has reduced quite a bit, and both my girlfriend and I feel safe. Our neighbors are great, and we have never had an issue. If you are looking for something cozy, affordable for the area and a modern place to live. This is it. Don??t let everyone??s immature negativity bring a great place down.

Other than Mackenzie refusing and I mean sticking to her guns refusing about my request for a ball pit things are cool here. For anyone who is listening from corporate and DOES care about me being happy there??s all kinds of room for a ball pit, trampoline and bar in the common use area. No one even uses it anyway. Also: good job on hiring Low and Dirk.
I have lived here since 2015. For about 21/2 of those years we had new managers. It was a nightmare. Next managers, new rules. As soon as they learned how to manage, they moved to other places.Then we got very lucky and got McKenzie. She has really taken ahold of this place and turned it around.she has some great people skills and is willing to listen to residents complains and if she can , she does something about them. If she can??t, she will tell you why. She is stern when she has to be but always kind.The team of Lauren and Dierk round out the team. Dierk comes early and works very hard to keep this place clean and things working. The other thing I appreciate is the fact that we can have our animals here. For as many dogs as live here and close we have little who do not clean up after their animals. Thanks to the Pearl Studios staff.

Staff extremely responsive and helpful. Some of the residents are not the brightest bulbs in the box. The woman in building 3 on the ground level, with the 2 Beagles is the worst offender. Her dogs run out of the apartment consistently. They attacked one of my little guys on a leash. Advise to management- make it mandatory to put your dogs in a cage if they escape your apartment.

I've been living here about three months now and I'm very happy so far. Management is excellent and what few issues there have been, like any building, have...

Fremont Studio Apartments are small living spaces at a comparatively lesser price than their larger counterparts in the upscale Pearl District. They're perfect for those transitioning, new in the area and single people on a budget. Pet-friendly. Straightforward. Close to mass transit. Few amenities, but if you live there, you're buying the surrounding lifestyle and will have the vibrant Pearl District and downtown Portland at your fingertips 24/7 so a tv in a lounge somewhere elicits a "meh" from me anyway. Great management since Mackenzie came 7/17 to Fremont and kicked bootie like a superhero on the mess the last management company left behind. David, her sidekick in the office, is pleasant and he seems to care. Refreshing. Lauren oversees the onsite maintenance which is quick to respond to requests. I see the new owners are finally able to move ahead and do some nice upgrades and I expect that there'll be some five-star reviews popping up once those are done. So it seems like a good time to rent here while it's on the upswing but still has some good prices attached. Regardless of where you live, there will always be those who whine and break rules, as in smoking in prohibited areas, especially in a multifamily unit setting. That's life. It's all about how well the management team responds and my experience was AMC's team is both quick and diligent in solving these issues to the extent the law allows. While my high ceiling with a concrete floor, ground level studio was fun, I moved in April after a two-year stint at Fremont, in search of a quieter existence than the bustling Pearl could offer. Good luck in your search. Cheers!

Everyone is really helpful and always very friendly. I had a couple lights that were out and we could not find the right ones but Ashlei went above and beyond and got me what I needed. She was great during the move and always gave me updates on everything. Can't say enough good things about her customer service.

I am so happy Fremont finally found a new management company that actually knows what they??re doing! ??? I visit my brother a few day out of the month and every time I would come in the office the leasing agent Jay was rude and always made promises he couldn??t keep. He would put stuff in what he called a ??resident complaint book?. But would NEVER address the complaints.. On Wednesday I came in to ask about a package and met the sweetest girl! Ashley is the best thing that has ever happened to These apartments! She is so bubbly and helpful. I especially liked how highly she spoke of the property and staff there. It shows a lot about her character. I??ll be coming to her from now on!

I really enjoyed living in this building for a year. Rich and the staff are excellent, I highly recommend!
Apartment Reviews for Pearl Studios Apartments in Portland

The application and leasing process has been so easy! The apartments are in such a great location and the office staff is extremely nice. I can't wait to...
Apartment Reviews for Pearl Studios Apartments in Portland

I loved living here! The new management took over and made things so much better. Johanna the property manager went above and beyond her duties. The...

I just want to say that I lived here, and I loved my tiny house. Even though the building itself reminds me of stacked metal cargo bunkers in a shipping yard, you can't beat the price per square foot compared to other Pearl District apartments. Forget what people say about the staff, just enjoy frugal living for awhile and make the best of what you have. These aren't long term apartments anyways, you'll really appreciate space in your next living situation. Tiny pinhole recording devices installed throughout at least one living unit here.

First off...no idea what the person is talking about regarding Hope. She has been nothing but appropriate and considerate since I've moved in back in March. My only complaint is the size of the kitchen sink. It's very difficult to wash a normal size dish and getting water on the counter and sink is common. However, living here has been a cool experience. It has been a big change but a great one...The location can't be beat for the price. My recommendation is to purchase a Murphy bed so you can still feel like you have a living room like lounge area. I don't know how others do it with a bed always out in the room. I recommend this place to anyone who is looking to live minimally and enjoy the many benefits of living in the Pearl.

I'm new here and so far I love. In the Pearl District - you can't beat it. Tons of stuff to do. Huge pool table. The lounge has a sweet TV. The laundry texts you when it's done! Super cool.

Small place with a big personality... Love it!

Great place to live, great management, they gave me a growler to fill upon signing of the lease, this is the future of eco-apartment low foot print living.

300 square foot studio? Not much of an issue. I was a little hesitant moving in as I imagined the square footage akin to a jail cell. When touring the...